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Why Choose Us

Surveys show that most small business owners think of accounting work as a nuisance and distraction from running their businesses.

The traditional approach to bookkeeping and accounting:

💻 businesses do their own transaction entry: issuing invoices, paying bills, etc.
📒 accountants then take this stale data and prepare financial statements

Problems of the traditional approach:

🚨 Small business owners have to hire a bookkeeper and manage that bookkeeper’s work - A HUGE Headache!

Oftentimes, business owners have to settle for

❌ mediocre staff,
❌ low-quality accounting work
❌ lack of actionable intelligence
🚨 Accountants have to spend a big chunk of time fixing errors in clients' books
🚨 At the time the financials are finally ready, it's too late for timely accounting and financial advice.


The business owner is stuck putting out fires of past mistakes, instead of enjoying their business journey

✔ We work collaboratively with business owners throughout the year
✔ We provide timely month-end close - 3 business days, in fact!
✔ We provide actionable intelligence to make informed business decisions

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